“For the sick to heal and for the well to remain healthy.”

“For the sick to heal and for the well to remain healthy.”

A powerful tefillah rally and recital of Pitum Haketores as protection from the raging pandemic

A special tikkun recited by the greatest mekubalim

as well as Pitum Haketores recited in a minyan of talmidei chachamim – a known segulah for protection against pandemics.

Pitum Haketores as a Segulah

The holy Zohar (Vayakhel 218b) speaks extensively of the power of Pitum Haketores. “Said Rabi Shimon: ‘If [Jews] would know how great is the service of the ketores before HaKadosh Baruch Hu, they would take every single word and they would place it as a wreath on their heads, like a golden crown…'”

The Segulos Yisrael lists the rewards of saying Pitum Haketores:

  1. It can eliminate pandemics and illnesses;
  2. It saves one from government-related problems and decrees;
  3. It brings brachah into whatever one does;
  4. It saves one from Gehennom;
  5. It eliminates the klipos and chitzonim (forces of the Sitra Achra);
  6. It destroys magic;
  7. It eliminates wrongful thoughts;
  8. It rewards one with both worlds: this one and the Next;
  9. It removes negative dinim from a person;
  10. It enables one to find favor in the eyes of all who see him;
  11. It can lead to wealth.

In view of the powerful rewards of saying the Pitum Haketores, the mekubalim of the yeshivah will hold a unique prayer rally and recite this special prayer to help stop the pandemic. They will then pray and plead on behalf of all the donors, whose names will be provided to them.

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